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Care, Maintenance and Tuning

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An accordion is a marvel of nineteenth and twentieth century technology. It is complex, fragile and somewhat archaic..


Accordions are complex assemblies and require maintenance.
Most used accordions need maintenance. Many new accordions need maintenance. A good repairman is a friend for life!


Accordions are tuned by filing the reeds. Links to descriptions of tuning theory and practice can be found on Jax RCFB Free Reed Musical Instruments Page . Tuning is not something one teaches one's self on one's best instrument. A really good tuning by an expert can occasionally cost more than the cash value of the instrument itself.

If you purchase a used accordion, assume it needs tuning unless the seller guarantees otherwise. If you buy a new instrument, it will have been factory tuned, but all reputable outlets of quality accordions fine-tune before delivery.

Generally, a used accordion opened for tuning will be discovered to require further maintenance of some sort.

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