Previous Page Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:51:29 -0600
From: Jacques Delaguerre
Subject: Re: Club accordion - books?

dd wrote:
> Any books or videos available on how to play the club diatonic? In English preferably.

Hohner used to ship a book with the instrument. Anyway, after I finish my Tex-Mex 3-Row web book (a couple more weeks?) I'm thinking of writing a Club web book. It's really easy, it's a clever alternative idea on 3-row. The point being that three-row (and four-row and five-row) take the "lots of harmonicas" position and Club takes the 30-button Irish Concertina position of "two harmonicas and lotsa helpers". Club is nice for playing jazz. It's chromatic on the draw, and nearly chromatic on the press, in the octaves you've got the helpers for (e.g., upper octave for the lesser models, both central octaves for the greater models). Club R00LZ!! :-)
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